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1 - 29 April 2021

Maico Camilo


The exhibition opens on Thursday 1 April 2021 at 18h00 for 18h30.

The curator of edg2020 Gallery will open the exhibition. Please join us for refreshments.

Maico Camilo is an internationally established artist whose accomplished work can be found in private and public collections in more than six continents.

Like a flâneur, Camilo often wanders around the city for hours, mostly venturing out at night. The idea of the flâneur is connected to urban space and functions as a symbolic representation of modernity.


The emergence of the flâneur coincided with a period of great change in modern history – that of industrialisation and modern capitalism. Originally the notion of the flâneur can be traced back to the writings of Charles Baudelaire and more specifically to its further interpretation by Walter Benjamin (1969:58) who identified Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal (1857) as the basis of flâneur theory that relates the figure to enjoyment in the urban setting. Keith Tester (1994:2) views the flâneur as extricating aesthetic experience and existential fulfilment from the city, and especially the crowds. Baudelaire’s flâneur becomes intoxicated and experiences a love affair of delight and enchantment with the city (Benjamin 1969:55).  The city streets of the nineteenth century did not lend itself to strolling, however, since wide pavements were the exception and the threat of vehicles were ever-present (Benjamin 1969:36). Therefore, the arcades roamed by the city stroller were influential in the coining of the idea of the flâneur. Flânerie is still a popular activity today and people enjoy strolling through malls and shopping centres. 

Originating in flânerie and the urban environment as spectacle, Camilo's internalisation thereof and his creative journey entail an engagement with ambivalence, unplanned elements, emotions and experiences. As a prominent representative of New Expressionist style, the artist's densely worked and texturised surfaces propel the viewer into a sensual experience of energy and movement.

Elfriede Dreyer.


Article by Dreyer, E and McDowall, E,

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Artist statement

I work on unplanned subjects, elements, emotions, life experiences, which belong to my subconscious.  These subjects relate to or have related to my personal or explored life, encompassing our notion of past, present and future life.  My focus evolves around the exploration of human emotions; hence the journey starts from a place of unknown.

I usually start with a thought in my head, which instinctively grows from my differing emotions that I am feeling at that time in my life.  I can walk around for hours, venturing out at night and walking the streets, slowly but surely sensing that the idea is germinating as I take in the scene around me.  The sense of a work (or project) eventually crystallises and I can then commence the process of putting the concepts inside my head onto the canvas.

My work demands us to discover for ourselves what we perceive we are seeing.  My current projects are essentially hiding the obvious within the artwork itself, deliberately diminishing the clarity and then the final step within the artwork is creating a linear view of the world, providing the definition that we are searching for in each piece.

In this way I am drawing the viewer into a state of reflection.  The name ‘Equivocal’ demands us to consider two perspectives – it is neither exactly one thing or the other, and in this way each artwork is asking us to reflect on the emotional element of the human state (so often we are caught in two minds, or in other words leaving things open to interpretation).

So, enjoy the different perspectives and remain open to what you see in each artwork!

Maico Camilo




Private Sales have been made to Collectors in:


New Zealand


South Africa


United States of America




5 Artworks by Camilo, based on the city of Sydney, can be found on the walls of the International College of Management Sydney (ICMS), in Manly, Sydney, Australia

1 major Artwork called Sydney In Vivid can be found in the St Andrews College Hall of Residence (part of Sydney University)



Maico Camilo is represented by the following Art Galleries:

You&I Gallery, Sea Point, Cape Town

Hout Bay Gallery, Hout Bay, Cape Town

Axis Gallery, Cape Town City

EDG2020 Gallery, Midrand, Johannesburg

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