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Lothar Böttcher

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Artist statement

Portals X & M and Obsession

These kinetic sculptures made in 2016 and 2018 respectively. I attempt to convey the filtered (read distorted) window social media offers us. Manipulating my material of choice, glass, through a meticulously arduous process of grinding and polishing portals have been created through which the viewer is enticed to interact. The spectator is offered a glimpse through these lenses of the “world beyond”, a distorted variant of their contiguous space. Within this digitised world we live in - and accentuated even more now due to physical isolation of the imposed lockdowns and social changes the Covid Pandemic has brought - we are glued to our handheld screens more than ever, consuming and adding to the cacophony of digitallyenhanced

visuals. My sculptures are an attempt to bring some fun and perspective on the beauty that surrounds us

here, now.


Muse #1

Inspired by Brancusi’s “Sleeping Muse” I wanted to create an object which translates my personal loves. Glass is my muse, the material I love and express myself through. The delicately carved, cut and polished profile of a crystal face rests on the hard surface of ancient quartzite - a metaphor and ode to my love of glass and the place I call home.


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