29 August - 29 September 2020

19 shades of me

An exhibition dealing with the epidemic of covid-19 

Inge Burman, Confronting the pandemic

Artist statement

Confronting the Pandemic is a response to the covid-19 pandemic and how the various measures enforced to contain it, particularly social distancing, result in a preoccupation with the self. At a time when faces are masked and opaque, the faces portrayed in this work invite inspection. The reverse side of each visage, visible and vulnerable, alludes to the deconstruction and re-imagining of the self. The different permutations of the self-portrait (added in thread) represent vicissitudes of mood, facial expression and hairstyle engendered by the circumstances of disconnection. The confrontation with, or unmasking of, the self becomes obsessive, repetitive and monotonous, reflecting the interminable days of lockdown and restrictions. One image morphs into the next, posing the question, ”Who is the person in the mirror?” Another dimension of visibility is invoked by the series of frames, which echoes the boxes in a Zoom meeting – the new normal for social interaction.



Born in Pretoria (1959), Inge Burman now resides in Cape Town where she works from her home studio. Inge graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Unisa) in 2010 and also holds a National Journalism Diploma from the Pretoria Technikon. She has participated in several group exhibitions over the years, including at Beit Berl, Israel (1982), The Natal Society of Arts, The AVA and Ruth Prowse Art School (1990s), The Innovative Threads Exhibition at Artspace, Durban (2007), and the ‘Mi’story Exhibition at the Jean Welz Gallery, Worcester. In 2012 her work Hestia’s Lament was a finalist in the Vuleka Competition at the Art B Gallery in Bellville, Cape Town. In 2013 her Emancipation 11, appeared in the finals of the Sasol New Signatures Competition. In 2014 Inge had two works, Urban Palimpsest and Mirage in the finals of the Vuleka and in 2015 won first place with Undergrowth.