Heidi Fourie, Distortion 2021, 400x394mm oilonboard.jpg

Heidi Fourie


Heidi Fourie’s preferred medium is painting, through which she studies what happens when figurative representation and the intrinsic qualities of paint are pursued simultaneously. Her subject matter is simple – everyday scenes of figures and familiar objects – the simplicity of which frees her to practice and constantly refine her balancing act between restraint and excess, between gestural and polished mark-making.

Heidi Fourie was born in Pretoria, where she currently lives and works. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts, specialising in painting, in 2012 at the University of Pretoria, for which she received the Bettie Cilliers Barnard Bursary for Fine Arts. Her first solo exhibition, Islands, was produced under the mentorship of Frikkie Eksteen and presented in 2015 at Lizamore & Associates Gallery in Johannesburg. Since then she has had two other large solo exhibitions in Cape Town and Pretoria, and participated in various group exhibitions countrywide. Her next solo exhibition will open at David Krut Projects in 2020.


I keep to myself and prefer images to words for expression. I spend most of my time in suburbs, but like to imagine others to think that I spend the bulk of my time somewhere on a rock under a fern next to some river, as I wouldn’t mind if I did. Though life consists of many straight lines, I prefer to highlight jagged lines and curves and strengthen the illusion of harmony with the natural world. I collect straight edged objects, frames and boxes for practical purposes and habitually succumb to such convenience, and often conceal the extent of conveniences, gathered in a city, I take with me to the wild world. I enjoy the movement of liquids and objects on slippery surfaces and set out to share the more noteworthy outcomes of such voyages with my audience. My skin is still happiest in dappled shade.