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Affordable Art Fair 2021

31 July - 28 August 2021

Opening on Saturday 31 July @ 11am.


edg2020 Gallery invites artists to submit artworks for our annual Affordable Art Fair (AAF).

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  • You may submit up to three works in any medium for inclusion in the exhibition that will run from 31 July to 28 August.

  • Dimensions should not exceed 1m x 1m, including variable sizes.

  • The artist price of the work should not be more than R4000,00. The gallery takes 50% commission on the work which includes our VAT.

  • Work should have been produced in 2020 or 2021.

  • The works for exhibition will be selected by a panel of visual arts specialists. There are two rounds of selection: the first round is digital and the second is physical. After the first round artists will be asked to deliver the work to the gallery for further adjudication.

  • Dates for submission:

    • 5 July: before 5pm: digital images of work + artist name, title and date of work, media and dimensions. All artwork images should be labelled with these details or will be disqualified.

    • 9 July: Artists to be notified of the outcome of the first round of selection.

    • 13 July: Delivery of work to edg2020 Gallery.

    • 14 July: Final selection of work for exhibition.

    • 15 July: Notification to artists.

    • Unselected work should be collected or arranged for transport back after 15 July.

    • The exhibition dates are 31 July - 28 August 2021. On 29 August unsold works should be collected by the artists.

  •  ​Fee payable for each submission (per artwork)is R200,00 and should be paid with the online submission. There will be no additional costs relating to the exhibition. Please make payment to:



FNB Business Account


Branch code 255355


For more information contact Elfriede or Ilhaam at

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