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  Affordable Art Fair 2021

  31 July - 28 August 2021  

New Modernism

Opening on 31 July

Until 28 August 2021

Liberty Battson

Palesa Motsomi

Janine Allen

Senzeni Marasela



Modernism is dead or is it?


The works on exhibition form part of a current vanguard of artists displaying new identities and frontiers.


Liberty Battson

Dali made me do it. 2019.jpg

Liberty Battson à la Niki de Saint Phalle at the shooting range for Humor, Ambiguity and Chance in light of world events, 2021

Liberty Battson, Dali made me do it, 2021

Palesa Motsomi

When the music changes 01.jpg

Palesa Motsomi, When the music changes, 2021 

Janine Allen

Janine Allen,10Rabbitorduck2.jpg

Janine Allen, Rabbit or duck, 2021 

Senzeni Marasela

Senzeni Marasela, Waiting for Gebane, 2013-2019_edited.jpg

Senzeni Marasela, Waiting for Gebane, 2013-2019 

When last did you look at good art?

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